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Tea Flavors

Meal Bowls


Milk Options

Whole Milk, Almond Milk ($0.30), Oat Milk ($0.30), Condensed Milk ($0.10)

Drink Add-Ons

Boba, Matcha Shot - $0.50

Classic - $4.25 (16 oz hot, 20 oz iced)

Banana Bread (Herbal), English Breakfast (Black), Fancy Fruit Basket (Herbal), CINNAMON APRICOT (Herbal), Imperial Matcha (Green), Manila Mango (Oolong), Strawberry Sunrise (Green), Sunshine Colada (Herbal), Vanilla Chai (Green)

Premium - $4.75 (16 oz hot, 20 oz iced)

Ginseng Oolong (Oolong), Lavender Earl Grey (Black), Lychee Dragon Pearls (Black), Passion Berry Punch (Green), Peach Paradise (White), APPLE CRUMB CAKE (Black), TBD Thai Tea (Black), Teaspresso Mocha (Black)

Seasonals - Classic or Premium, *starts on October

Eggnog Oolong (Oolong) Premium, *Cinnamon Apricot Toffee (Herbal) Classic, *White Chocolate Peppermint (Herbal) Premium, *Apple Crumb Cake (Black) Premium

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Chicken Adobo with Rice - $8

Famous Filipino-household cuisine. Braised chicken in soy sauce and vinegar, topped with garlic bits.

Beef Kaldereta with Rice - $8

Filipino-style tomato-based beef stew with carrots and potatoes, topped with cheese.

Lumpia with Rice - $7

Filipino-style eggrolls, full-sized. Stuffed with meats, carrots and some onions. Comes with homemade sauce on the side, spicy or not spicy.

Lumpia without Rice - $5

Filipino-style eggrolls without the rice. Sauce is homemade - spicy or not spicy.

Beef Tacos - $5

2 soft shells with beef, pico de gallo and topped with cheese.

Edamame - $5

Japanese bean pods seasoned in extra-virgin olive oil and garlic.

Stuffed Pepper (Vegan) - $5

Stuffed with rice, carrots, spinach and other mixed vegetables topped with Mediterranean sauce.

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Mini Ube Cake - $2.75

Cake Pops - $1.85

Matcha/Ube Blondie - $3.50

Cookie Butter Tart - $3.50

French Macaron - $1.55

Edible Cookie Dough - Chocolate Chip or Butterscotch with TBD Blend Tea Extract or Chocolate Brownie (vegan) - $3.50

Matcha Cheesecake with Oreo - $6.75

Cheesecakes of the Week - $6.00

Taro Mousse Cup - $3.50

Banana Walnut Muffin (vegan) - $3.75

Matcha Raspberry Mousse w/ White Chocolate Cup - $3.75

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Daily Specials

Pancit with Lumpia - $8 - Monday, Fridays

Filipino-style noodles with some vegetables and chicken meat. Comes with one piece of lumpia.

Pork Humba - $8 - Tues, Thursdays, Saturdays

Sweet braised, soy pork with garlic bits.

Korean Pork Rice Bowl - $7 - Wednesdays

Pork in Korean BBQ sauce topped with sesame seeds and garlic bits.

Vegan Jackfruit BBQ - $8 - Thursdays, Saturdays

Young jackfruit in BBQ marinade, topped with veggies, sesame seeds and garlic.